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Mike Simpson-Rogers
Mike Simpson-Rogers
11 months ago
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Having so many deaths around you in just a few years can be draining as hell...  in 2014 me and my husband moved in with his parents, to take care of his dad on hospice.  He passed 12-14-14.  Jump to now exactly 12 yrs after his 3 bypass surgery his brain stem stroked, and stroked, and STROKED!!!  It was unbearable to see hi know whay is happening, but could not move, or speak. Just blink 3 time for I Love You, and yes or no.  He was put In Critical Care in St Judes Fullerton. Where I decided to bring him home on hospice and take care of my husband of 28 years till he took his last breath with me and our dog Maxwel at his side.  I can tell you exactly what time he passed because I was sleeping on his shoulder, at 4AM on May 14th. His dad passed 12-14-14.  Now the wednesday after he passed his mother whom I live with was diagnosed with Breast, and Thyroid cancer.  She is just using Frankensense oil sublingually every day.  Not going to fight her 4th fight with cancer.  She just wants to live comfortable, that's it.  So that is yet another death.  The good thing is that I am using my Pastorship and work with the grieving using crystals, and guided meditation to help anyone who could benefit from it.  I wish my husband took it more seriously. IT WORKS!!!  

Now I'm in another precarious situation.  When his mother dies, instead of putting me on her will getting even just enough to relocate myself back to Utah. To be with my family when it's my turn.  I am going to be homeless.  I have to sell my truck and trailer w/solar and get a more economical car.  I have a plan in place. I'm using meditation, and prayer so that I can get thru this high energy time.  Sometimes it feels as if it's getting ready to blow.  But, I am able to use my expertise to help with my faith which is very strong.

Every day, I get a message on Alexa saying "Anthony is here!!!"  I looked in my logs where all of them are.  It is not there. But, I did find a one that Anthony must have done the night we first got him home B4 he was taken back for what was to be my last few days with him.

I am greatful for all the promises he kept to family and friends when we first got together about my intentions with me.  I gave me a happy life with someone who loved me more than himself, and me loving him more than I do myself. I still mean it but my life goes on.  I have a couple promises I made to him to keep.  

What do you all do to help release negative energy?  Is it normal to not cry?  I can't cry anymore it feels like. I don't miss him because he is always here with me. I can feel his energy, smell, and see him occasionally. I think thats why I do t cry. I am and will always be known as Pastor Rogers. To keep his name going forward to help others.  This is how I am keeping the negative energy away with my crystals to.  They are a very good tool with your meditation, and prayer.

11 months ago
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Hi Mike,

You've been through so much. I wish I could hold you and say all will be well.

I've been with a few people for their death. I didn't cry, or not much and I think this is because of time spent during the last months and days you give the great gift of your presence and compassion. It also readies you for their time when they go. At funerals, it is those who could not be there that seem to cry the most.

When faced with another's death, I often think of this quote from William Faulkner:

"I can remember how when I was young I believed death to be a phenomenon of the body; now I know it to be merely a function of the mind - and that of the minds of the ones who suffer the bereavement. The nihilists say it is the end; the fundamentalists, the beginning; when in reality it is no more than a single tenant or family moving out of a tenement or a town."

William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying

We all move on and that's what your husband did, as did his father, as will his mother and so will you and I some day. We will see our loved ones and friends and all will be well.

Much Love and Strength
To You...


I was abandoned by wolves and raised by my parents.

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